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I recently obtained two Life magazines from the 1940s. One has a small, color image of Trophy of the Hunt. Woo! The other has a brief article on how to tell the Chinese from the Japs. (Their words, not mine.) In its defense, this magazine is from December 1941.

Some of you will laugh and say this is typical of American scum.

Some of you will cheer and say this is appropriate, but maybe all Asians should be judged the same. (Actually, you'd probably say Orientals.)

Some of you will shake your heads and say you can't believe how far we've come/how could that ever have been OK?/a magazine as prestigious as Life could NOT have published this article in September 2001.


Then the first group will tell you we still have so very, very far to go, and the second group will tell you that we've come too far and need to go back to the days of racial profiling without shame or secrecy. Groups one and two will bicker until group three and I wander out of the fray and grab an ice cream cone.


And you all have valid points, but comments have been blocked; please don't e-mail me your propaganda, either.
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