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My nose ... will not ... stop ... running!!!

This is the most miserable, awful, horrible, no-good cold I've had in quite some time. I felt like garbage all day. I went through half a box of tissues, half a bag of cough drops, and every ounce of my self restraint to keep from going the hell home.

I would gladly have walked.

Work is good. The people are great, including my Canadian reps. Today, MainRep (my favorite) was out of the office for about seven hours. She sent me an e-mail to let me know she'd be gone, and she told me not to worry because I'd be great. :) Her out-of-office, auto-response e-mail referred to me as her inside partner. Not her new, lowly, plebeian, peon, grunt, newbie trainee.

Despite all the snot and the vicious head cold, today was a good day.
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