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The Girl's Birthday Presents

I'm very excited about what I'm getting for crashrose's birthday. I get paychecks now, and I'm mad with power! This month, I got three checks instead of two. Oh, the havoc I wreaked!

A new monitor:
BenQ T904 19in LCD

A CD/DVD writer:
Toshiba Combo Drive

A tablet ... thing:
Wacom Intuos3 6x8

And the most awesome, coolest thing of all! A tape deck drive that installs in your computer:
PlusDeck 2 cassette player
That's right. Listen to cassettes through your computer. Record your MP3s on cassette. It RULES! And crashrose doesn't even know it exists, which is the best part of all.

I purchased everything but the PlusDeck through work, i.e., at an EXTREME discount. I don't mean to brag; I'm just not usually such a good shopper. I mean, this stuff is NEAT!

Now if I can just wait 'til her birthday to give her this stuff...

P.S. -- She's getting nothing for our anniversary. :)

**Click the pictures for specs ... if you're a big geek.**
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