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Newt's lesbian sister? I'll tell them. You heard? They heard. We're Okaaaayyyy!

This whole Dyke Cheney thing is boring. I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle, so I think everyone should relax.

Dick Cheney, he likes to ... fuss.
Fuss, fuss... He likes to scream at us!

John Kerry probably means no harm.
John Kerry's very short on ... charm!

Mary Cheney has the unique distinction of being the only homosexual in America who will have "a mom in the White House who loves [her]," regardless of what happens on November second. That would more than likely make a Republican out of me but not under this current Bush regime. I wouldn't want to be a political pawn, but I can't say that being outted on national TV when I'm already very out would raise my ire.

*shrug* Meh.
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