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Daily Routines

Yesterday was a hectic day. Not unpleasant, necessarily. Just hectic. Not the usual routine I like.

It's hard for me to incorporate new things into my routine, but once I do, they're probably there to stay. I'm a creature of habit, very methodical. I'm usually at my computer most of the day.

Each morning, I get up, take a shower, lie on the couch, check my e-mail, read my friends' journals, check my e-mail, respond where necessary, put work clothes on, wake crashrose, check my e-mail and friends page again, pack a lunch, go to work.

The evening routine is to change my clothes, lie on the couch, check my e-mail and friends page, eat dinner, lie on the couch, continue checking e-mail and friends page until it's time for bed, turn off the computer, turn on the fan, go to bed.

This is my life, and I like it. :) Dull and repetitive, but stable and comfortable.

I completely scrapped the evening routine last night. I stopped by the apartment only briefly to grab dirty clothes, and then I spent the evening doing laundry at momtastic and 1_dumb_mick's place. We ate Burger King, and later, I had a ham sandwich. crashrose picked me and the laundry up, and we got home around 10 o'clock.

At that point, I did not pass Go or collect $200. I did not open my computer or turn her on. I did not check my e-mail for roughly 24 hours, nor did I check my friends' page on LJ.

And yet I had missed just one post. E-mail? Among the four accounts I check on a routine, daily basis, I probably had 15 to 20 new messages. Two of them weren't junk. One of those was a forward. There were no LJ comments or replies to my LJ comments in my in-box.

What do I do all day when I'm not at work?


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