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The writer's voice

I wish my voice were the one with which I write. I wish I spoke with the same ease and wit. I wish my vocabulary came as easily on the fly as it does when I've had the time to write it out, proofread and edit it.

Some people I know speak well and write horribly. Clear and concise in person, their rambling, error-laden hieroglyph spewed on the written page is virtually indecipherable. I wonder if that condition is preferrable...

Sometimes I hear myself speak, and the stuttering, bumbling, mumbling mess doesn't even make sense to me. It's not what I mean -- it's not what I want to convey. I fumble for the right word. Me! The word maven!

I guess writing is my refuge. It's the one place where I can sound the way I want to sound and say the things I want to say.

So, don't call me; just send me an e-mail. We'll both like me better that way.
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