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The one about Pittsburgh

So, last night, I stumbled across a movie called Beautiful Girl. No, not Beautiful Girls with Uma Thurman and Queen Amidala. This is an ABC Family original.

I don't often watch ABC Family. The 700 Club came on not long after Beautiful Girl, which is one of the reasons I don't often watch ABC Family. And this wasn't a good movie. It's not awful, but it's fairly trite.

Her entire life, Becca Wasserman’s (Marissa Jaret Winokur) family and friends knew she was someone special, even if on the outside she didn’t exactly emulate society’s vision of perfection. So she isn’t stick thin, but Becca does have smarts, a great fiancé, the love of her family and friends, and most of all, chutzpah.

When Becca hears about a local beauty pageant, she decides to enter in hopes of winning the vacation prize so she and her fiancé, Adam (Mark Consuelos), can take the trip for their honeymoon. Becca’s mother, Amanda (Fran Drescher), discourages her from entering the pageant and feels the experience might be better suited for Becca’s sister who was always considered "the pretty one."

Undeterred, Becca enters anyway, even if she doesn’t exactly fit the mold of your everyday, mercilessly driven and perfectly coifed beauty queen. Can Becca take the pageant world by storm with her incredible voice and stage presence, natural style and undeniable spunk?

So, why did I keep watching this? Well, take a look at this picture.

Did you get it? Read the sash.

Miss Squirrel Hill? Well, where else would Fran Drescher's daughter represent, if she were competing in the Miss Metropolitan Pittsburgh pageant?


They had Miss Plum Boro, Miss Sewickley, Miss Highland Park...

People of Pittsburgh, I implore you! Watch this movie for five minutes, if only to rip it to shreds and ponder why they didn't cast a single person with a Pittsburgh accent. It's also fun to dream cast your own stereotypical contestant to represent each region/borough/whatever in the pageant.
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