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Wasabi -- If you're local, go there!

I think I might die, but I'll die happy.

**Gyuniku Sashimi (Beef sashimi in a garlic sauce that will haunt you for days, but it's so fucking worth it!)
**Rainbow Roll (Bliss with rice!)
**Shrimp Sashimi (Cocktail shrimp minus the cocktail sauce!)
**Scallop Sashimi (Worth trying but not something I'll eat again -- scallops should be warm.)
**Octopus Sashimi (Oh, how I love octopus!)
**Eel Sushi (Mmm... Eel...)

Add a Pacific Breeze, a Blue Hawaii, and a Michelob Ultra, and you have a hell of an evening. :)

Thanks to 1_dumb_mick and crashrose for keeping me company and footing the bill. What an awesome evening!

Now a couple of Bud Lights and sweet, sweet SLEEP.
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