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Ho hum...

I owe a lot of people a lot of phone calls. I think some of you read this, and I'm sure some of you don't. All around, I'm sorry. I probably owe some e-mails, too. I'm just not in a very communicative mood. Bear with me. Or don't.

Maybe if I clean my apartment and put up the tree, I'll feel better. I don't know that I really feel bad. I just feel ... blah. And my stomach hurts. And I'm tired.

Here's some MindMap thing I did. Totally forgot about it. Not sure what the hell it is.

Somerville, New Jersey - A Portal to another MindMap!A Portal to another MindMap!Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - A Portal to another MindMap!South Bound Brook, New JerseySomerville, New JerseyNew JerseyRockville, MarylandWestville, New JerseySBB, New JerseyBlacksburg, VirginiaSouth Bound Brook, New Jersey
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