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Wine Down Redux

Left work early yesterday. Couldn't seem to stop vomiting. Napped briefly. Missed the youth group reunion. Ate pizza. Played '90s Trivial Pursuit -- didn't finish, but I'm ahead. Went to bed late (again). Woke up late. Showered. Now I'm here, in front of the computer. *yawn* What a day. I miss Christmas. :(

So, thanks to colleenrose18, I have yet another new game: Simpsons Jeopardy! I'm thinking chans_mcgans will have to come over and try this one out while she's still home for the holidays...

Also, friends of teejeans, we need to plan a sledding expedition ... you know, once there's snow. :)

Oh well. If we're going to stop by momtastic's to get cookies to bring to work, I better finish getting ready.
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